Fine Art

Rebekah explores the intangible and transitory qualities of life. Her work challenges the viewer to look beyond the surface ~ inspiring wonder and connection. Drawing from her Southern heritage and experiences growing up on the Gulf Coast, nature and water are ever-present themes in her work.

Drift Collection

Drift study is a series of monochromatic paintings that immerses the viewer in the beauty and the fluidity of the mysterious species of jellyfish. Based off photographs taken by Rebekah, she utilizes the images of jellyfish to help dictate the compositional direction.

These and other pieces from the "Drift Study" are available at in studio and at GalleryVibe in Naples, FL.

Figure Studies

Motherhood + Nest Series

Motherhood takes on various forms - composed of layers of love, happiness, forgiveness and so on… "I am drawn to the imbalance in these layers, and how they all intertwine to define the maternal bond," according to Rebekah. For the Nest series, bold yet fluid lines represent the balancing act that defines these layers. "I am intrigued by the care and intricacy of what a nest represents - both in nature and in the phases of motherhood."

Mother and Child series - The figurative collages represent the complex nature of the bond between mother and child and the beauty of these simplistic moments of the “embrace.” The works are pieced together showing the same layers of intricacy - much like the entwined nests.

These and other pieces in the "Mother and Child" and "Nest" series are available in the studio and at Lyons Share Gallery in Fairhope, Alabama


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