Inside the Carriage House

Just as the creative process needs time for ideas to take root and flourish, so does it need space…for the inspiration to come to life.

The Carriage House is the home of Rebekah Webb Studio, and it is a space filled with laughter, indie-rock tunes, an absurdly extensive collection of cameras, and baskets overflowing with washable art supplies (for my young apprentices, of course).

This is my haven, my retreat, my room to breathe, to think, to create. It’s where your dreams take shape in a business card or logo, and where I’ve reached my own aspirations of diving into my professional passion while raising a family beside me.

It’s sometimes messy, sometimes crazy, but that just means there’s magic happening. 

I invite you to get comfortable, take a look around, and stay for a while. Maybe you’ll see something that speaks to you, and then we’ll talk. 

Welcome. And thanks for stopping by.