The Steeple on St. Francis



The Steeple on St. Francis, located in Mobile, Alabama, joins a national trend of repurposed churches as developers adapt the abandoned buildings to restaurants, theaters and concert venues. From our initial conversation with owners Ginna and Clif Inge, we knew this project was a rarity, and we too, fell in love with The Steeple on St. Francis. 

Our concept for the site was to blend the rich history of the church with its modern renovations… The overall design is clean with modern touches and utilizes photography as a “visual” tour guide. As The Steeple grows, the site is built to accommodate those future additions such as a blog, event booking and e-commerce components.


Rebekah flawlessly guided us through the branding and design process as well as the implementation of our website. She listened carefully to what our vision was and developed print materials and a website that brought our thoughts to life. She consistently demonstrates a sincere interest in our organization and a commitment to helping us reach our full potential! Thank you for everything you’ve made possible!”
— Ginna Inge and Mary-Lacey Zeiders, The Steeple on St. Francis


Photography by Chad Riley  |  Copywriting by Amy G. Thompson