Somewhere Between

This series of paintings explore the balance between the abstract and the significance of place and memory. Growing up on the Alabama Gulf Coast, we are surrounded by a multitude of waterways and farmland. These areas are woven into my journey - embedded in the layers of emotions, energy, and sentiments. I often think about the generations of my family with shared experiences on the same water and land. “Somewhere Between” is suspended in the space between those memories, aspirations, and dreams. 

As you move through this body of work, there is a steady evolution in the mark-making, use of space and shifts in palette. It represents the growth in my creative journey and a nod to the ever-changing landscape I call home. Connection is an important theme in my work. It is something we all seek, and my hope is through my artwork, the viewer feels that emotion: the idea that we are all connected through our collective layers.
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