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Serena & Lily Artist Spotlight: Rebekah Webb

Serena & Lily Artist Spotlight: Rebekah Webb

Step Inside the Studio with Artist Rebekah Webb

How would you describe your style?

Layered and collected. I’m drawn to a mix of traditional and coastal with clean and contemporary touches. I have an appreciation for antiques and heirlooms but love seeing the new and unexpected from modern artisans.


When did you start painting?

As a young child and then more seriously in high school where I graduated with a strong foundation in the arts. I went on to receive a fine arts degree in college and also studied art abroad in Italy. My family and art teachers have played an integral role in where I am today. I try to mimic that same support to any aspiring artist, young and old.


Tell us about your creative process.

I am not in the studio every day. So much of my process happens beyond those walls…observing, absorbing, and brainstorming. I will research and plan out every detail in preparation. Once I am in the studio, my intuition kicks in and I loosely follow whatever parameters I previously mapped out. There’s a natural flow to my work that happens after careful thought and consideration.


We’d love a glimpse inside your studio. How would you describe it?

Organized chaos. I rearrange my studio to fit my mood and the energy. I strive to keep a tidy studio so I’m ready when inspiration strikes.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Family and nature. My children’s energy, sense of wonder, and creative spirit give me a fresh perspective. Living and growing up on the Alabama Gulf Coast, we are surrounded by a multitude of waterways and farmlands. I often think about the generations of my family that have enjoyed the same water and land. I am proud to be a Southerner.


And your new collection for Serena & Lily – what inspired it? 

The Alabama Gulf Coast was my jumping-off point. While some may be familiar with Mobile Bay and the sugar white beaches, many may not realize South Alabama boasts rivers, deltas, marshes, and bayous all feeding out to the Gulf of Mexico. I wanted to focus on the coastlines and the idea that water connects us all. For me, Serena & Lily encompasses this very idea. I pulled inspo images directly from Serena & Lily catalogs and intentionally limited my palette to six colors to create a commonality between the various waterways.


Tell us about some of your favorite pieces in the collection.

The limited palette gave me permission to explore color values, marks, and textures. Because of that, Sunwashed occurred and informed the entire collection. Come Together and Sunny Disposition are close seconds. I will forever love the layers of blues in the beach paintings. Blue was my grandmother’s favorite color and she was a fish in the water. 


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